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Inter-American Deco (IAD) is an ethical fashion business that designs and sells quality products from South America, utilizing environmental-friendly, ecological sustainable methods in the whole process from source to production. We are delighted to share with you the tradition of luxury & quality.  Our alpaca knitwear products are crafted by highly skilled Peruvian artisans; our luxurious sweaters, capes & other clothing lines are made of the finest grades of Peruvian alpaca & Pima cotton, so they feel as rich as they look.  Each piece is a work of art, exemplary of the craftsmanship of the Andean artisans.

We are certain that your selection of one of our wonderful alpaca products will bring you years of use & pleasure

Products Categories

This extraordinary fiber plays a key role in the fashion industry.  We specialize in high quality, versatile, modern garments made of the finest fibers, with highly elaborate designs, styles, and colors.

Our clothing line include Pullovers, cardigans, scarves and accessories: stoles, capes, throws, hats, gloves, socks and other modern garments.

Beachwear Collection
Shop our creative assortment of eco-friendly beachwear.  This line consists of casual & beachwear manufactured with the finest 100% Peruvian cotton.  You will love to wear our lightweight cotton pieces made of high-quality cotton, easy to wash, care for and drape well.    The collection consists of practical and fun fashionwear to be enjoyed on the beach and on warm summer days.

Browse and shop our creative assortment of Blouses, dresses (long & mini), tunics, tops, pants, and unique accessories.

Panama Hats
“Ecuador’s hidden secret”.  Since 1630 Ecuadorean hats have covered many famous heads, including Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Paul Newman, and many others.  Our skilled craftsmen take between one week and six months to manufacture one hat, depending on the weave count, using only the finest selected natural “toquilla” straw fibers.

There remain today, only a dozen weavers capable of making the finest straw hats in the world